Christ-centered ministry...

TEF is focused on serving individuals and families affected by disability through providing family Retreats, church Training on disability, and Respite activities through the lens of the Gospel. TEF programs are interconnected and present "stepping stones" of ministry.

Participating in a Retreat provides a great experience that can open eyes to understand disability more accurately. Stepping to the stone of receiving TEF's disability Training allows one to further learn how to serve this special community. Stepping from there to consistently serving people with disabilities locally through Respite programming helps gain great experience and a greater desire to serve this unique need. Lastly, stepping into the "global needs" where opportunity for meaningful service and ministry to those impacted by disability abounds yet so few are serving. 

Each of these "stepping stones" are interrelated and help to provide deep encouragement to those we serve.

The Elisha Foundation brings... encouragement and love of the gospel and reveals hope, purpose and strength through God’s Word. My family has personally experienced this...during some of the darkest seasons of living with disability.”
— Greg Lucas, Author of  Wrestling with and Angel

North America

TEF works with churches to help promote ongoing help for families impacted by disability through family retreat partnership, training, equipping, and consultation. It is our goal to help equip churches for ministering to and serving those impacted by disability in their communities. The needs of those affected by disability can often be overwhelming but each of us can help provide encouragement and help. 

God has used these programs to break through with the light of Christ into some very dark, lonely and bitter hearts. I am grateful for their investment in my family... and I long for many more families to soak in this remarkable, Christ-exalting organization’s mission, vision and programs.
— John P. Knight, Director of Donor Partnerships for Desiring God Ministries


TEF seeks to equip indigenous peoples, churches, or missionaries for effective work among those with disabilities in their communities – both orphans and families. Providing a biblical framework on disability and practical training of working with disabilities allows for these people to be empowered to serve their disabled population more effectively. We currently have programming in Eastern Europe and have new ministry developing in Southeast Asia 

Our church is looking forward to learning, growing, and developing a more long-term approach to serving the disabled to bring about both gospel-transformation and improving the physical wellbeing of those who are largely rejected and unseen in our city.
— Pastor in Ukraine